Solar do it yourself

or do you feel you won’t be able to?



You may get concerned if you think of what’s involved with a solar do it yourself project, when you think of assembling it all, and what other parts you may need etc. But I can assure you, it’s easier than you might think and very rewarding. So if you’re going solar, do it yourself and reap all the benefits…


There are some Items you will need for the Solar do-it-yourself system to be complete and these are as follows: there is the matter of the type of Solar Panels you will need. What will determine this is whether you will want to power your whole house or just part of it, (this is discussed on the Home Solar Panel page so check out your options for this).

There is a set of step by step  instructions available for making your own Home Solar Panels and installing the whole system correctly. If you are serious about Alternative Solar Energy then a set of do-it-yourself plans are available. This will help and ensure you do it right.

Once this has been decided, you will be able to work out how many panels you will need. You will need a battery or set of batteries depending on the size of your system, you will also need a volt meter and an inverter.
The Volt meter will let you know how much power is being produced by your system. This is important for you to know how optimized it is at any given time, It also indicates to you if it’s not producing then it might be time to clean the solar panels.

The inverter is the device that converts the current from a DC (Direct Current) from your battery to AC (Alternating Current) the same as the supply to your house, which all your appliances run on.

More and more people from all parts of the world have been able to build these home solar panels and are now benefitting from the results. The Green DIY Energy set of plans have all the instructions and Video showing you how it is done. In some cases depending on where you are, a 120 Watt panel can be built between $100 and $200.

Here’s a video showing a man Frank Bates, he now saves a $177.00 per month on power bills.



So go Solar, and do it yourself, this way you are able to save an enormous amount of money, here are just some of the extra benefits you will be reaping!!

  • No power bills or bills that are considerably reduced.
  • Providing solar power for your home, that comes to you FREE from the sun.
  • Being independent from the power companies that currently supply you with electricity.
  • If you stay connected to the main grid your system can be wired in such a way that the excess power you produce can be fed back into the grid and YOU get PAID for it.
  • Not producing any by-products to pollute the atmosphere, doing your part to reduce the Co2 level in the air.


It doesn’t really matter whether you are male or female, young or old, heck a young boy made one for his school project. The Solar Energy Advantages are enormous, you will be benefiting for a very long time, so convert to Solar, do-it-yourself and save, some people have enjoyed making them so much that they have continued making them and selling the home solar panels to people in their own town, making around $350.00 a panel profit.

So the possibilities are endless and the skies the limit, just give it a go remembering that nothing is achieved by doing nothing.




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